Leeds Hackspace front door
After five years working at and on Leeds Hackspace, when it came time to move away from the city I decided to put together a retrospective of my years there.
In the form of a book, obviously.
The front cover was based on book covers by Margaret MacDonald, Jessie King and Arthur Rackham.
There are LEDs behind the clouds.
Dial lock box
Of course the book had to have some puzzles...
Can you guess the password?
D & D table design for Leeds Hackspace
This is the design for the D & D table I made for the Hackspace. There are dividers between each player's area, the DM gets a double area with walls to stop prying eyes. And each player gets their own USB charging port.
Wall board designs for Leeds Hackspace toilets

I decided that the toilets at Leeds hackspace needed wood panelling. These are some of the designs - all different forms of geometric fill patterns.

Wall board designs for Leeds Hackspace toilets

More of the wood panel designs. The finished panels measured roughly 1m by 1m (3ft. by 3ft.) and were far more complex (more repeats) than these samples.

Perpetual motion machine model

The first thing that I made when I joined Leeds Hackspace was a working perpetual motion machine. Based on a 19th century painting at Leeds University. Click on the picture to see a lecture I and others gave on it.

Cerebus cover motto

This is the cover of an issue of the comic Cerebus. It has become my motto, and has described virtually every major project I've done at the hackspace.

Back cover of retrospective - night sky with illuminated moon and smoke from chimneys
And so the retrospective ends, almost full circle, with an illuminated skyline, inspired by Arthur Rackham. The moon and smoke light up and the larger stars twinkle.

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